TOBEA LTD is a company founded in 2012 with capabilities and activity in designing and manufacturing of specific devices for improving the quality of life for the disabled. It is a spin-off scheme and the product of a research program carried out in the year of 2009 by Applied Mechanics Laboratory, University of Patras, Greece. The project involved designing and manufacturing a device that could grant access to the sea for people with kinetic disabilities. The project was assigned to AML directly by the former Prefecture of Achaia.


After the successful outcome of the project, the work was continued and the device received further development to form a product (SEATRAC) that had the readiness level for commercializing. Along with that, several needs for other services and products around the general issue of life quality improvement of the disabled were continuously rising. That gave rise to the need of founding a company that could realize these goals that due to their nature were outside the activities of the Laboratory and the University in general.

Company Details: 

Stadiou St.

Patras Science Park,


T: +30 2610 932.240

F: +30 2610 932.243

E: info@tobea.gr