Think Silicon S.A. is a privately held IP (Intellectual Property) technology company based and founded in 2007 in Patras (Greece), with a development center in Athens (Greece), WW sales & marketing office in Toronto (Canada) and sales offices in San Jose (CA, North America), Cologne (Germany, EMEA region), Taipei (Taiwan), and Tokyo (Japan).

Think Silicon is specialized in designing extreme small, ultra-low power, high-performance 2D & 3D graphics (GPU), video (ISP) and display (DP) and Machine learning accelerating microprocessor cores. Our hard & software design team has a vast experience in IC design and covers the complete flow of a SoC design; from the architectural level to the tape-out. Think Silicon’s customers are fabless semiconductor companies and design houses such as Atmel/Microchip, Dialog Semiconductors, Sequans, Faraday, Grain Media to name a few.


Target Markets

The THINK (since 2009) and NEMA® (since 2014) GPU and Display Controller-Series, are the smallest (by size) and the most power efficient (by leakage & active power) of its kind, today available in the market.Our microprocessor technology becomes integrated into silicon-area limited SoCs, mostly driven (not limited) from an MCU and finds its place in consumer and industrial products where battery life and overall power consumption is crucial. The (end-) products are wearables, and embedded devices with small displays and/or camera-lenses, such as smart/fitness/multi-sport watches, cameras, medical devices, AR/VR glasses, home control systems, home appliances, drones, industrial and any display controlled systems.


IP Products

  • NEMA®|pico - the smallest member of the NEMA®-GPU Series, brings “smartphone-like” 2D/2.5D graphics user- interface experience packed in a very small silicon area for power-budget and cost- sensitive, small display devices with a SoC sporting just a 32Bit MCU. The single-core NEMA®|p GPU is the perfect candidate to support wearable and embedded devices, which don’t need the overhead of a “full” operating system, rather prefer the deterministic approach of a (Free) RTOS and also supports vector graphics where needed. Think Silicon provides to its customers their own proprietary lightweight API, NEMA®|gfx and with NEMA®| GUI-Builder a perfect tool to create your own Graphical User Interface (GUI) in a fraction of the time this usually takes.


  • NEMA®|tiny - is the industry’s smallest Internet-of-Things (IoT) 3D Graphics Processor Unit (GPU). It features OpenGL® ES, multicore scalability, implements a fully configurable and programmable 3D graphics rendering engine, accelerates a comprehensive super-set of 2D graphics drawings, supports vector graphics, and has smart composition functions. NEMA|®t is, designed to support midrange till higher quality wearables and IoT/embedded devices which require a more powerful 3D user interface and sporting a SoC with 32-bit MCU or even an MPU and rely on a more sophisticated OS such as Android Wear for example.


  • NEMA®|small - is the most powerful 3D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) of the NEMA®-GPU Series. The multi-core architecture is scalable, contains functionalities for advanced 3D graphics rendering-acceleration, general-purpose computing-functions, is heavily multithreaded and equipped with a number of floating point vector cores. NEMA®|s brings super high-quality 3D/2D /vector graphics performance and ultra-low power consumption to advanced mobile & embedded compute devices where not kept as possible.  Bare-metal drivers and drivers for Linux, Android, RTOS are provided as well the support for several APIs such as OpenGL® ES, OpenCL®, Vulkan,uGFX ,and Qt.


  • NEMA®|dc 100/200/400/700 - is a powerful display controller-series, which contains several smart tools and functions to compose multiple graphics and video layers by improving image quality and help to reduce the SoC power consumption. With supported display resolutions from 320x320 up to 8k, NEMA®|dc covers a wide range of products, from little-screen smartwatches till 8k Smart-TVs. Multiple layers can be scaled, clipped, positioned and composed on the final display by overlaying video, subtitles, graphics, cursors or application windows, with or without transparency. NEMA|dc supports multiple OS such as Linux and Android. Driver for Android HWC (HardWare Composer) allows NEMA|dc to accelerate the hardware abstraction-level transparently to the software. A bare metal library of primitive graphics functions (available in pure ANSI C with no dependencies), allows the easy portability to systems running RTOS or even to OS-less systems enabling NEMA|dc composition features.


  • NEMA®|xNN - opens possibilities of a new class of products and markets in machine learning for devices which need ultra-low power for complex computations with massive parallelism


  • THINK 2D – Think VG – Think LCD - the 2D GPU, vector graphics GPU and multi-layer display controller series is still supported for legacy projects and customers (no new licenses will be issued).
Company Details: 

George Sidiropoulos
Patras Science Park
Patras, Rio

GR-265 04
T: +30 (2610) 911.543
F: +30 (2610) 911.544
E: info@think-silicon.com