Friday, March 22, 2013

Noesis Technologies Announces ComLab™ Platform, a New Paradigm Towards Communication Systems Hardware Emulation

Noesis Technologies announced today the immediate availability of ComLab™, a cost efficient highly integrated development environment (IDE) that enables a system designer to rapidly build, configure and evaluate in real-time the performance of complex telecommunication systems. It is comprised of a Xilinx FPGA based board for the real-time HW emulation, a sophisticated application SW with interactive GUI capabilities for configuration, control and monitoring purposes as well as a rich portfolio of highly optimized telecom subsystem silicon IPs. ComLab™ platform is ideal for proof-of-concept rapid prototyping as well as an intuitive educational tool for engineers.


ComLab™ platform can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Fast and efficient modeling and development of complex telecom systems.
  • Proof-of-concept rapid prototyping.
  • In-circuit emulation.
  • R&D telecom engineers training.
  • Educational tool for universities.
  • Low-volume production.

For more information please download ComLab™ platform product brief at

About Noesis Technologies L.P.

Noesis Technologies, L.P. is a silicon IP provider specialized in hardware implementation of high computational complexity telecom algorithms. Our hardware accelerator IP solutions allow telecom system developers to significantly off load demanding tasks from the CPU and to drastically decrease execution time thus boosting the overall system performance. Our IP cores present an industry leading combination of high performance, low power and low die-area, as well as easy customization for adaptability to a wide range of applications. Noesis offers a complete portfolio of Forward Error Correction IP core solutions that includes Reed Solomon Codecs, Viterbi Decoders, Turbo Product and Turbo Convolutional Codecs, BCH codecs, (De)Interleavers, Channel Emulators. The company additionally offers a range of cores in the areas of security, networking, audio/voice compression and telecom DSP. Our solutions have been integrated in our customers' end-products in telecom, aerospace and defense systems. Noesis Technologies is headquartered at Patras Science Park, GR 26504 Patras, Greece and has offices at San Jose, CA 95134, USA.

For more information:
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