We want to be internationally recognized as a leading competitive pole for the technological and, innovative entrepreneurship in Greece

Through successful collaborations, we wish to create a contemporary, innovative entrepreneurial zone, to be used as a tool for the development of the Region of Western Greece towards the “new emerged innovative, financial-productive environment”.   Such approach will facilitate and mobilize both additional and alternative, new financial, productive and constructive forces in the Region.

PSP business model can be described under the following three headings:

  • Core Business: Develop and Manage fit-for-purpose office and lab space accommodation and provide cost effective administrative services
  • Added Value Services: Provide business support services to assist the growth of high-tech companies
  • Identity & Image: Promote and communicate PSP’s activities in a way that we’ll build a strong brand name with international perspective for the benefit of our Companies, Partners, Institutes and the Region.

To effectively implement its business model, PSP has devised a three-pillar strategy with certain objectives to be achieved in each thematic focus:

i) Incubator for start-ups, spin-outs and new technology based enterprises

The aim is to support tenant’s daily operation through the provision of high-quality office and lab spaces, technical infrastructure, basic administrative services, and flexible non-prescriptive support with the assistance of an experienced network of partners.

ii) Business Park and Support Center 

At PSP we believe that we have to offer more than just space and standard facilities. To this extent, PSP management is in the process of designing and developing a range of initiatives and added value services to support companies in their business growth and competitiveness. These include:

  • Business and marketing support (e.g. IP protection, competitor and market analysis, feasibility and strategic planning, regional business mapping)
  • Facilitated access to university and research centre’s resources and expertise. Enhance the role of PSP to knowledge transfer between academia and industry
  • Worldwide connections to foster extroversion and international activity in cooperation with IASP and other associations or organizations
  • Events and Networking
  • HR Management and PR relations
  • Virtual Hosting for alumni or associated companies
  • In conjunction with other public and private partners, develop infrastructures and facilities to accommodate more companies and attract others from abroad
  • Coordination and supporting actions to deliver funding mechanisms and cluster initiatives to further exploit economies of scope and learning curves
  • Design the appropriate Institutional Framework and Economic Conditions to create an Enterprise Zone encouraging and attracting the creation of new businesses and jobs, thereby helping local and regional prosperity 

iii) Deliver Regional Development Projects

Regional Development based on knowledge, technology and innovation, depends on several factors and needs both creative and decisive actions. PSP in cooperation with Enterprises, Regional Authorities and other Institutional Stakeholders considers the delivery of Regional Development Projects of paramount importance for the so-called knowledge-economy. Such Projects can contribute to the following:

  • Utilize and develop local technology for the benefit of the society
  • Engage a number of PSP tenants in real life projects, enhancing their sustainability, capacities, job creation and technology proof in demonstration applications
  • Increase PSP brand name and indirect profitability
  • Promote the cooperation between industry, academia, public sector and end-users
  • Introduce and develop transregional cooperation with other companies and Science Parks
  • Apply European Policies and exploit relative available funds
  • Develop and build an experienced and well-trained HR base