ALTHOM has been established to respond to the needs of today’s competitive environment. In this environment, companies are thinking globally. Especially when it comes to the point where production costs have to be optimized in order to be prepared for a competition which is more and more price-oriented.

There is where ALTHOM comes in, providing clients with professional and straightforward support throughout the entire offshoring process-from enhanced procurement to comprehensive production management.

Areas of specific expertise of ALTHOM ENGINEERING EPE:

Engineering Services in the fields of:

  • Technical Publications
  • Stress Analysis
  • Testing
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 

Technical Publications

ALTHOM is one of the best performing service providers in the field of Technical Publications, mainly in the Aerospace Industry.

Preparation and presentation of highly technical content in compliance with all applicable technical regulations and important international standards of aerospace and tech publications industry – with a high level of quality

Examples of manuals our company develops:

  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Operating Manuals
  • Repair Manuals
  • Material Catalogues and Lists
  • Component Maintenance Manuals

ALTHOM is a key supplier for high quality manuals for Airbus. Since 2011 ALTHOM is working for all Airbus domains Structure (SEDS), Systems (SEDY), and Cabin (SEDC).

Since 2016 ALTHOM is a key supplier for high quality manuals & on-site support through high qualified engineers for Liebherr in the field of Technical Publications.

Stress Analysis

ALTHOM excels in the Finite Element modeling and development of methods for composite or metallic structures, tailored exactly to your specific needs. Our portfolio includes the following engineering areas:

  • Linear and non-linear analysis
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Eigen-buckling analysis
  • Composite calculation
  • Static and dynamic dimensioning
  • Choice of resistance materials
  • DFEM and link to the geometry
  • Technical reporting

Materials Testing / Stress Testing

Take advantage of our area and technical excellence to facilitate your test series on metallic and composite structures under realistic conditions. ALTHOM offers you destructive and non-destructive testing to ensure the quality of your own products. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Quasi-static testing
  • Fatigue, Fatigue Crack Growth and Fracture Toughness testing
  • High strain rate testing
  • Testing under environmental conditions
  • Residual Stresses Measurement
  • Hardness, Corrosion, Metallographic, Fractographic characterization
  • Optical 3D deformation analysis
  • Large component static and fatigue structural testing facility
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)


Testing of products in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries – optimised to save both time and money. With the use of modern CFD programmes, ALTHOM provides you with the ability to test the aerodynamic behavior of a wide range of components in terms of pressure and speed to the highest standards. Flow characteristics, processes and flow based design modification complete our portfolio of services.


Company Details: 

Christos Chamakiotis, Technical Director
Patras Science Park
Patras, Rio
GR-265 04
T: +30 (2610) 911.577
E: chamakiotis@althom.eu

For more information please visithttp://www.althom.eu/en