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NewDrug (ΝεοΦαρ)

Technology and Perspectives

Drug Design, Discovery and Development

Multiple Sclerosis and Hypertension Therapies

NewDrug is a privately held start up biotechnology company based in Patras Science Park (Greece) specializing in the design, synthesis and development of novel drugs for Multiple Sclerosis, Hypertension and COVID-19.

NewDrug has the technology to produce delivery platforms aiming to regulate the immune system of Multiple Sclerosis patients, thus providing a therapy which eliminates the side effects of current anti-inflammatory drugs.

NewDrug is leading an international network including top experts in chemical biology and immunology. The aim of this research is the eradication of MS disease by selectively removing disease-inducing cells from patients.

Backed by more than 25 years of research and technical expertise, NewDrug’s groundbreaking research in organic and peptide synthesis and matrix delivery technology allows cell drug delivery selectivity. Intellectual Properties are based on proprietary functionalized mannan and other components that are cleared by FDA from previous related work on cancer to be used in humans.


Giannis Kontaxis
General Manager

Patras Science Park , Rio GR-265 04 Greece


+0030 2610 911 546 (5)

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