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Smart Nodes for best-in-class accuracy

Econais RTLS consists of a combination of hardware nodes (anchors + tags) and advanced software algorithms running ‘at the edge’ (at the customer’s premises), and on the cloud. Econais provides a rich software toolkit that automates the initial configuration, enables real-time monitoring of the installation, while facilitating the analysis of historical data, through the use of meaningful dashboards and graphs.

Econais has developed advanced, proprietary technology that takes advantage of Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms that deliver the most precise results.

Moreover, Econais RTLS provides a graphical environment, incorporating a toolset of  dashboards, monitoring and analytics utilities, to illustrate historical data and current status.


Dimitris Leonardos
Founder & CEO

Patras Science Park , Rio GR-265 04 Greece


261 046 3004

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