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The most significant problems of modern beekeeping are threats that affect the viability of the bee swarms and the destruction-theft of bee array hives. Such threats are caused by extreme environmental conditions or human interventions or animal attacks. Since beekeepers investment is most of the time exposed to distant and inaccessible areas, the safety of the beekeeping installation is a primary concern, especially if it is a moving or migratory apiary.
The proposed system (IRBS) to be implemented within this PoC proposal is an incident response system focusing on the safety of beehive arrays. IRBS includes beehive security mechanisms using sensors and low energy transponders placed in the beehive cells of the array. Low power and long range wireless communication protocols collect the data of each array and transmit them periodically to a cloud service via Internet connected intermediate gateways. The bee cells integrated safety mechanisms and the proposed system communication protocols capture array incidents, record them to a cloud based information system and enforces appropriate data mining logic to decode and evaluate which type of threats are involved. Incidents are then asynchronously delivered from the information system to the end-user beekeeper through a mobile phone application.


Sotirios Kontogiannis

University campus, Mathematics Building, 207b, Ioannina



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