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Brite Solar is dedicated to the deployment of advanced nanotechnology materials to create new types of architectural glass that can reduce the energy footprint for buildings by reducing energy for heating, cooling and lighting and at the same time produce electrical energy from light.

Brite Solar was founded in 2009 to develop a third generation dye sensitized solar cell for greenhouse applications.

The resulting technology features such creative advances as ink-jet deposition of semiconductor material and a solid state electrolyte. This results in a Solar Glass which is >70% transparent in the visible spectrum, 3-4 times more thermally insulating than dual pane windows, electricity generating and cost effective.

Crop studies growing hydroponic tomatoes have shown that the crop yields are equivalent and the nutritional value slightly higher for tomatoes grown under the Brite Solar Glass as opposed to the normal glass.Brite also has developed variations on the Solar Glass technology. The first is a low cost, thermally insulating Electrochromic Glass called Dynamic Glass. The second is a thermally insulating glass called Smart Glass.

The mission statement of Britesolar is to deliver transparent solar glass with 5% efficiency, >70% transparency and thermal insulation to the commercial greenhouse market at a price point allowing mass conversion and future deployment and also deliver energy saving glass to the architectural glass market to substantially reduce worldwide heating and cooling energy consumption in commercial and residential buildings.


Giannis Katsagounos
Process Engineer – Electrical Engineer

Patras Science Park Patras, Rio GR-265 04 Greece


+30 2610 911579

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