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BIOPIX DNA TECHNOLOGY P.C. (BIOPIX-T) is a certified manufacturer of medical devices, founded in 2019 with the aim to revolutionize molecular diagnostics at the Point-Of-Care and Home-Testing environments.

The flagship product of BIOPIX-T is a molecular diagnostic device branded as Pebble; a portable device for performing real-time colorimetric LAMP (qcLAMP).  Pebble was created using three-dimensional (3D) additive manufacturing technology and operates via a smartphone application. The device can be used to extract rapidly quantitative information at a wide dynamic range of RNA or DNA templates while detection can occur from purified nucleic acids or directly from crude samples. Pebble offers simplicity in operation; attractive size and style; minimum maintenance cost; simple and inexpensive manufacturing.

BIOPIX-T Mission: To offer portable diagnostic devices to every potential end-user, regardless of financial status, geographical location, and training. Doctors, healthcare providers and patients in both the developed and developing countries will benefit equally from our technology.


George Papadakis

100 N. Plastira str. (Science and Technology Park of Crete), GR 70013, Voutes, Greece


+30 2810 391985

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