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Production and trade of herbal blends, packaged in capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. The 12GODS capsule includes herbal blends and not individual ones, which are supplied in a large percentage by Greek producers and solves problems such as:

– Complicated & time consuming way of preparation

– Quality & longevity guarantee

– Burden the planet with non-recyclable conventional capsules

– Incomplete research on the beneficial properties of herbs in their evaluation and combination

– Inability to export Greek herbs due to lack of certified & standardized products

It contributes to the recognizability of the product and the company, gives a way out to the problem of small farmers and the small and scattered lot, the unavailable production, the low price, the absence of controls from the cultivation to the final product.

Solution & Product

-Reduction of the preparation time of decoctions in just 12s

-Fully biodegradable capsule in just 24 weeks, which does not require sorting before recycling

-Sealing in a nitrogen environment, preventing the infestation by microorganisms while keeping the beneficial & quality characteristics of herbs unchanged

-Paper filter filter that prevents the escape of residues in the cup and filters the final product

We ensure unique collaborations with the academic community and producer groups of our country:

-With the Science Park of Patras and the Aroma Innovation Hub we proceed to the first step of researching the characteristics of herbs and determining Health Claims

-With the Agricultural University and the Panhellenic Association of Young Farmers (PENA), we explore methods of effective cultivation of herbs

-With business groups, banks, cooperatives and local authorities, through contract farming, ensuring the quality of products and the income of growers

Innovation & Scalability

The capsule, the processing and packaging process and the 4 blends – Greek beverage recipes, are the result of protected research and development of 12GODS. More specifically:

• Custom designed capsule packing machine compatible with Nespresso machines

• Compostable biocapsule with zero ecological footprint

• Paper filter filter that guarantees the quality result, maintaining ecological character

• Herbs are airtight packaged in a nitrogen environment, without the need for preservatives

• Packaging materials follow the strictest standards for food and beverages and are 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

With all these innovations, 12GODS enables the modern consumer to prepare in a minimum time, with speed and safety, an enjoyable herbal drink.

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Zempilas Filippos

Sisifou 3, Peristérion, Greece


+30 21 1416 3818

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