At PSP we try to offer more than just a location. When you join, you become part of a dynamic entrepreneurial community in a similar position, sharing common ideas and concerns.  

Join the community

PSP “eco‑system” is perhaps the most valuable asset. Companies enjoy a social working atmosphere, communicate and interact with other businesses, potential partners or customers as well as find opportunities to connect with mentors, business support agencies and venture funds.

Being together and in close connection with the Academia, companies in PSP inspire each other, identify opportunities, broaden their horizons, and get new ways of working and skills. Through informal peer-to-peer discussion and mutual support, you are encouraged and motivated to focus and develop your business

Secretarial and Accounting, Virtual Assistant

PSP provides basic secretarial services and daily managerial tasks such as diary management, conference and event organization, venue finding service, guest accommodation, city life and public utilities assistance.

In addition, PSP has developed a network to assist companies design their printed and documented material, promote their activities in local and national press.

Managing Company Finance is a very important task to monitor operating performance and future sustainability. Through our inside experienced team or our professional network, PSP can provide tenants a versatile package in assisting companies to set-up and maintain their accounting systems, monitor their financial budgets, issue payroll and fulfill taxation obligations.

Legal / IP Advice

New companies are often reluctant to seek legal advice until they face a problem. Creating from the beginning the appropriate legal framework for a company, i.e. company’s articles of association, employment and partnership contracts, licensing agreements, can increase legal protection, and present a professional image to potential employees, clients and partners. Through our legal advisor, PSP can provide specific advice on legal issues, IP protection and licensing, or seek assistance for high expert technical subjects.     

HR Management

HR Management is one of the most important factors for business success and development. To secure a friendly and efficient working environment, develop the career of their employees, proceed to the next step or design business strategy, companies and executives need professional consultancy and nurturing. Our external partner provides in-depth HR mentoring and consultancy.

In addition, PSP can help your business to access in a pool of talented and highly skillful graduates from the University of Patras or the Research Centers for internships, placements and employment.  We keep close relationships with university faculties and Career’s Office.

Business Strategy and Planning

Either you need to present your company to a potential investor, important client and supplier, or you seek raising appropriate funds, a formal business plan and strategy is necessary to be produced. PSP can assist in this interactive process either internally using its own office and management team, or involve experienced external partners, depending on the requirements.

Moreover, PSP can mobilize its more experienced tenants in the field to provide peer-to-peer advice and support.    

Project Management

PSP and its external partners have acquired a longtime cumulative experience and expertise in Project Preparation, Submission, and Management. Upon a separate agreement, PSP can offer such services to the tenants, provided the scope and requirements can be met.

Conferences & Events

PSP is an ideal place to hold your meetings, conferences, training events and seminars. PSP has a fully equipped conference room with seating for 100 delegates and one meeting-board room for 8-10 people.

In addition there is a spacious recreation and exhibition hall with outdoor terrace access to welcome your delegates and hold a reception.

Soft Landing Schemes

PSP offers minimal space and rental package for companies looking for a base or space for the first time or need to test their capacities and capabilities before proceeding with a longer commitment.  They benefit from a scientific address and location and are able to use part of the facilities and services available to the permanent tenants. They can participate to networking events, business and advice introductions or simply use it as a meeting point.

To learn more about our offer program or arrange a meeting, please email at or call at +30 (2610) 911.550.