Thursday, November 15, 2012

Think Silicon Ltd, today announced that Dialog Semiconductor uses ThinkVG, a Graphics Processing Unit  to get Graphics power in it's new series of products. ThinkVG is integrated in the recently announced  Green VoIP™ “SC14453” multicore system-on-chip  (SoC)  along  with  ThinkLCD  Display  Processor  that  enables  rendering  of  fluid graphic user interfaces onto touchscreen LCD displays.

ThinkVG is the smallest Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in the market supporting the Khronos Group OpenVG 1.1 standard. It is an extremely low-gate count IP Core based on VShader, a C/C++ programmable  Floating  Point  SIMD  Streaming  processor,  designed  for  graphics  applications. System Architecture  is  Scalable  and  embedded  software  allows  flexibility.  ThinkVG  comes complete with  Software  Library  implementing OpenVG  1.1  running  on  VShader  and  with  API package running on host processor with emphasis on minimizing CPU overhead by the use of command lists and on reducing memory bandwidth by utilizing custom image compression hardware.

“ThinkVG is developed to support OpenVG having in mind to provide a very compact and low power solution for embedded devices that require fast 2.5D Graphics Rendering” said George Sidiropoulos, Managing Director of Think Silicon. “We focused on designing Unified Shading Architecture assisted by a balanced pipeline that would achieve the highest throughput per gate ratio due to high component reusability   and at the same time offer scalability for different standards and performance levels in the future.”

René Kohlmann, Senior Director for Dialog’s Low Energy Wireless and VoIP Business Development, comments: “In close cooperation with Think Silicon, Dialog successfully integrated the ThinkVG graphical process unit in its latest high end VoIP processor the SC14453.”

ThinkVG is available today and can be complemented with ThinkLCD/ML, a multilayer Display controller and Think2D/MJPEG, a 2D Composition Engine with optional built-in MJPEG decoder features.

The Project “Vector graphics accelerator - ThinkVG” is co-financed by Hellenic Funds and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Hellenic National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013. The Project is carried out in the framework of the O.P. “Competitiveness-Entrepreneurship” within the Programme “Hellenic Technology Clusters in Microelectronics – Phase-2 Aid Measure”. The Programme, managed by the Intermediate Body “Corallia - Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative”, aims to achieve a long-term competitive advantage, to materialize a viable ecosystem of excellence and develop a sustainable innovation cluster in the area of Semiconductors, Νano/Μicroelectronics and Embedded Systems.