Institute of Biomedical Technology:


  • IS a non-profit organization which constitutes an initiative for the advancement of the applied field of Biomedical Technology in Greece. INBIT aims to contribute effectively to the further development of the field, by promoting the areas of Biomedical Technology MANAGEMENT and QUALITY in the health care sector,
  • ADDRESSES organizations, groups or individuals that share involvement in quality development in healthcare and particularly in the procurement, use and follow-up of biomedical technology in hospitals,
  • DEVELOPS a line of applications and services that address the area of technology management and improvement of quality in healthcare,
  • CO-ORDINATES and participates in a number of Greek and EU projects and Concerted Actions, in the field of Biomedical Technology and Quality Assurance,
  • COLLABORATES with major international organizations based both in Europe and the United States and therefore guarantees a continuous flow of know-how and a constant monitoring of the advances in the field world-wide.
Company Details: 

Nikos Palikarakis


Patras Science Park
Patras, Rio

GR-265 04
T: +30 (2610) 911.590 - 1
F: +30 (2610) 911.592

E: info@inbit.gr