ELDRUG S.A. is a spin off Biotechnology Company established in January 2007 and based on research results and expertise obtained at the University of Patras. Laboratory Discoveries led to Novel Biochemical Methods, Medicinal Products and Potential Drugs, in the Treatment of Hypertension / Cardiovascular Diseases and Multiple Sclerosis, named ELSARTAN and ELMYELIN. 

Eldrug specializes in:

  • Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Full Characterization and Purity Determination of Products.
Company Details: 

Iasonas Matsoukas


Patras Science Park
Patras, Rio

GR-265 04
T: +30 (2610) 911.546
F: +30 (2610) 911.545

E: info@eldrug.gr

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