Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ada Yonath, visited Patras Science Park and Eldrug (spin-off Company) on 14 May 2013, after the invitation of the Director of the Graduate Program "Medicinal Chemistry," Mr. John Matsoukas. Ada Yonath is a Professor of Structural Biology at the Weitzmann Institute of Science in Israel and has been awarded the Nobel in Chemistry in 2009.

Ada Yonath was the keynote speaker and honoree at the 14th Conference on Medicinal Chemistry. Title of her talk was "From Basic Research to Antibiotics of New Generation."
Ada Yonath is the fourth awarded the Nobel visiting the Eldrug and the Patras Science Park, after James Watson (Nobel Medicine) in 2011, Andrew Schally (Nobel Medicine) in 2010 and Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Chemistry) the 2008.